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Systems for Automatic Ultrasonic Examination of Bars, Billets and Rails

Systems of NORDISCAN-BB series are intended for fully automatic ultrasonic examination of bars, billets, rails and wires. The test can be performed on-line or off-line.

The NORDISCAN-BB series achieves multiple
inspection tasks:

  • Detection of inner defects, like shrink holes, insulation, blowholes, inclusions, etc;

  • Detection of surface and sub-surface defects.

Typical Specification of Bars to be Tested: 

  • Diameters: 5 mm – 1000 mm;

  • Length: from 500 mm;

  • Material: carbon steel.

Main Ultrasonic Testing Parameters

  • Test Sensitivity:
    • For internal imperfections: equal to FBH 1.2*;
    • For surface imperfections: equal to notches 0.2 mm x 10 mm (D x W);

*Depending of material to be tested and its surface condition

Type  of Applied Multichannel Ultrasonic or Eddy Current probes:

  • Non-contact array probes, based on the EMAT;

  • UT phase array probes;

  • UT probes with the array of piezo-crystals;

  • Eddy-current probes.

Ultrasonic Testing Standards: 

Density of Ultrasonic examination, test procedures, acceptance criteria, data processing and representation adhere to multiple international and local standards such as: GOST-R 52079-2003; API Spec 5CT (Ed. 9), ISO 11960 2004, API 5L (Ed. 44,2008); ISO 3183; GOST 10705-80; GOST 20295-85; GOST R 52079-2003; GOST R 53366 2009; ISO 9303; ASTM E213, etc.

Testing and acceptance criteria can be customized based on client specific needs and new standards.